Outdoor Renovation by All-Craft

Throughout the design process, one of the things that impressed us most about All-Craft was their great attention to detail. They met with us multiple times to ensure the finished product would be exactly what we wanted. To that end, the design plans were reworked many, many times, and included the use of 3D models that showed the options and were “tweaked” to perfection.

In choosing products, All-Craft was wonderful at helping us balance quality and cost. When I set my heart on a beautiful high-end window design, they provided similar high quality custom window options at a significantly lower price. Small details on the windows like interior wood rather than vinyl, and the lattice patterns, were very important to us.

The punch list was handled quickly and was the most “hassle free” experience we have had with any builder: including a few items that weren’t even in the original design. Our concerns were all addressed promptly without argument and with the assurance that All-Craft would stand behind their work moving forward.  The project was completed in the promised time frame and references for additional work, such as painting, were professional and high quality.

Our newly renovated home has exceeded our expectations and several friends, who have building experience themselves, have remarked on the excellent quality of the work.  At one point in the project, our neighbour informed us, “These guys are great workers!” Our lake house has an updated new look, is much more energy efficient, and our beautiful new screened porch is an oasis that we love!

– Dan Forte and Stella Robertson-Forte

Renovations by All-Craft 

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for All-Craft Renovations.

All-Craft completed two projects for us. The first was a demolishment and rebuild of three of our outside decks.  The second was a renovation inside the home. This included a complete renovation of the master bathroom, a partial renovation of the main bathroom and the removal of a wall in the living-room, as well as relocation of a cabinet and television, which gave our home an open concept.

From the beginning we knew we were in good hands.  In discussions about the proposed projects the information which was provided to us was well organized, professional and outlined in detail both the scope of the work and what we could expect from the company. Once we agreed on the project, detailed plans were provided, which allowed us comfort in knowing that they understood our ideas.

The work was completed in a timely manner and was completed exactly to the agreed upon plans. We were extremely pleased with the excellent quality and workmanship.  We appreciated their attention to detail and the support they offered throughout the process.

I should mention that the interior renovations were completed while we were out of the country.  Numerous friends suggested that we were crazy to have contractors doing work on our home while we were not present to supervise.  Due to the detailed pre-planning and our confidence in All-Craft and their staff we were sure that the work would be done as we expected.  They consulted us along the way as needed and regularly kept us up-to-date on their progress.  Once we saw the completed work we were very happy and the work actually exceeded our expectations.

As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and with All-Craft you get a company that excels at what they do.  I would highly recommend All-Craft for future projects.


– Catherine Love

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial, Renovation Testimonial

I live in a 65+ year old bungalow that over the years has required a fair amount of work. For the first job (a back deck with an expanded stone patio with pavers and blocks) I had chosen All-Craft to do the work. I was so pleased with the quality and professionalism of their work that I have had them complete three more major projects for me; a front deck & walkway, exterior painting & insulation, and most recently (Feb ’17) a significant interior renovation (bedroom, bathroom, living & dining room). With each renovation the pattern was the same;

  • Before signing any contract, I was given a full explanation of the work to be completed, how it would be done and the proposed timeline.
  • The work was completed on time or within a few days of.
  • For the most part, projects remained on budget but as with any older renovation there are things that cannot be seen at first. However, I was made aware that changes could be needed once work began. When changes were needed I was given a full explanation of what was being recommended, why, the costs, and most importantly, I received an outline of my options.
  • Matters were always done within building codes and the required inspections and paperwork were completed.
  • The trades people who worked on my house were there on time, and I was never left ‘hanging’ (i.e. there was always somebody on site working…not off on another project).
  • The quality of the work done always met my expectations, but most often All-Craft exceeded my expectations and hopes. I have always been pleased with the finished product.
  • Just as important to me was the quality of the trades people who were in and around my house. Always approachable and knowledgeable, they provided clear explanations when I asked, and would always discuss any changes that they felt were required. AND never a Tim’s cup left behind!
  • I have always found Brian and Justin, the owners of All-Craft, approachable and accessible. My emails and phone calls were always returned promptly and if an on-site meeting was required, it took place within 24 hours.

Yet, it is the personal attention and consideration that I have received from All-Craft that I have always been most impressed by. The best example of this came with the front deck and walkway project, which I needed to be completed before my daughter’s wedding. Although initially there was a comfortable timeline, that May had been an exceptionally wet one, which kept forcing All-Craft to delay the completion date (even the best companies can’t control the weather). However, with an exceptional effort and extra crew, the front deck and walkway were completed, clean, and ‘shining’ a week before the wedding. Actually, the wedding photographer was so impressed by the exterior look of my house and garden, he asked that we remain at the house to take all of the photographs. Considering that the initial option had been The Public Gardens, the appearance of my home was a real testimony to the quality of work that All-Craft gives to its customers. Without hesitation or qualification, I would certainly recommend the good folks at All-Craft.

– Peter Tufts

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

Early last year, we began the search for a contractor to remove our existing deck and build a new one that would accommodate a hot tub. Since our deck is 11 feet off the ground, the structural integrity and build quality were very important to us. We had different contractors come to the house, but none impressed us more than All-Craft. In fact, some suggested doing the project without permits, which we were not comfortable with. Brian and his team recommended engineered drawings and steel I-beams to ensure that the hot tub would be well supported. We went back and forth with several design options and modifications. They were very patient and understanding and provided detailed computer-generated drawings of each plan option. The build itself went very smoothly. The team was professional and efficient. They even coordinated things with McBurney’s and the crane operator to make sure the hot tub was delivered and installed safely within the deck. The finished product was fantastic, and we are very pleased overall. They even offer a 5-year warranty, and were more than happy to come out to address anything we had questions about. All-Craft is a very professional company to deal with, and they provide top-notch service. I have already recommended them to friends and neighbours.

– Steve Godin

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

All-Craft Decks and Sunrooms undertook extensive exterior renovations to both the front and back of our home in the summer of 2016. Brian Johnston was the main contact person and spent many hours helping us determine the right plans for our house, all without even knowing if we would sign with his company or not. No fee was required for his valuable input and we could walk away if we wished. Fortunately, we did not. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work as well the designs for both the front and back and we have received over the 10-month period since the renovations many compliments from neighbours, family, friends and even strangers walking by our house or coming to the door on business. Many of the comments concerned not only the “look” of the house but also mentions were frequently made of the quality of the work. We are impressed by the professionalism of Brian Johnston and all of the All-Craft employees that worked on our project. We are proud to mention the company responsible for doing this work for us, and we do not hesitate to recommend them to help you achieve your dream project.

Renovation Testimonial

Everything is looking good so far. The workers were all very professional, courteous, and considerate. They did their best to keep the dust to a minimum (which is almost impossible in a construction area) and to treat my home with respect. I like that they all wore t-shirts, so I knew who the occasional strangers were when I encountered them in the hall. The work was done carefully, and they checked with me about almost everything before it was completed. A very positive renovation experience.

– Marilyn

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

Brian, Justin and all members of the All-Craft team who worked on our project,
Thank you!

– Sandra and Paul

Renovation Testimonial

We hired All-Craft in January of 2015 to undertake a top-to-bottom renovation of a 100-year-old house. This was scheduled to be an 8-9-week project and cost just under $100,000. All-Craft came in after a previous contractor had made a mess out of the project and been fired…All-Craft estimated it would cost about $32,000 to fix the problems left behind by the previous contractor. All-Craft came with an unexpected bonus – an employee with really impressive interior decorating skills. They put together an awesome bathroom and shower which far exceeded anything we’d thought of. All-Craft brought the project in on time, on budget and with outstanding workmanship.

Renovation Testimonial

Brian, Justin, Laura, and their entire team are top notch. From start to finish, our project was a total success. On time, on budget, and changes worked in perfectly. Laura found us the right materials and made my wife and I look like professionals with our product selections. Brian and Justin listened and developed a plan that worked. The results were fantastic, and we could not be happier. Highly recommend All-Craft for any renovation project you are thinking about.


Renovation Testimonial

Bathroom reno exceeded my expectations. Last minute design changes were accommodated and absorbed into my budget. Workmanship was flawless.


Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

All-Craft was the most professional/knowledgeable of the companies we contacted. We wanted a quality product, and they delivered. Communication was easy and we were impressed at how quickly (the project) was finished. All-Craft was one of the best companies I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. I highly recommend them as it would be money well spent as it is a solid investment in your home.

– Sarah O

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

Very happy with the three decks they built. Professional and organized staff, quality product that definitely added value to our home. We would highly recommend this company.

– C.Love


Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

With all the horror stories of deck collapsing, my wife and I decided to replace the deck on our home. My wife and I started to look at the process of how decks were constructed in the summer of 2014 and were planning to have the work done in the spring of 2015. Our existing deck was at the end of its life span and a new fresh deck was needed. I am employed in the construction industry and know what scheduling is like from a construction standpoint. We wanted professionals to build our new living space and ensure that our project was done right the first time. Planning, design and construction is what a lot of people seem to miss when starting a major renovation.

We had approached All-Craft at a local Home Improvement show in the fall and the owner was more than happy to look at our concept drawing we had drafted up. A week later, All-Craft was out to our house to prepare us a more functional deck layout to suit our needs. They incorporated our sketch and gave us many options that we did not think of. The design from All-Craft allowed more functionality and flow from the previous deck.

This project included 3 contractors from start to finish. We had hired an excavation company that All-Craft uses to grade our property and fix drainage issues that we had with our property. The excavation company laid down an excellent base for the new deck and pool company to install an above ground pool. They also fixed all the drainage issues on the property. We had no problems with this contractor and would recommend their services as well.

We also worked with a local pool company and purchased it in the winter. Our pool was the 2nd pool to get installed for the pool company in 2015. They installed it the last weekend of May. The foreman of the pool company indicated they were booked into September at this point (May).

The entire framing process from the footings to the hand rails was constructed perfectly. The Bigfoot construction method was used in the footers for the upper deck to maximize the support of the upper deck. The support of the entire deck will last for many years to come. It is strong, attached to the house properly, and framed with the utmost precision. All-Craft employs excellent carpenters that take pride in the decks they build. They work safely and have a professional staff that was properly dressed.

All-Craft’s team of project managers were great to work with. Permits, drawings & inspections are all aspects that people overlook. The PM from All-Craft managed this project well. There were no deficiencies by the municipal inspectors and there was always a solution to issues when they arose during the construction. Permits need to be acquired to ensure insurance coverage for any homeowner.

The closeout procedures were handled very professionally. Thanks again All-Craft, for the planning, managing and construction of our lovely backyard space.

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

Hi Brian,

Thanks very much for all of your help.  It really has been a great experience working with you. If you ever want to use me as a customer reference, please just let me know and I would be happy to help. I tell everyone how great my “deck guys” have been!

Thanks again.

– Sheri

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

Hi Brian,

Wow, must say the wait was well worth it! We’re so pleased at how it turned out and a lot has to do with the craftsmanship of Mark, he’s a perfectionist and it shows. Everyone in the neighborhood is commenting on how nice it looks. From the mailman to someone we just saw at our vet’s they love the look. No doubt I think you’ll see some business come from it, the sandwich board works when you have such high pedestrian and car visibility.


– Randy

Renovation Testimonial

Hi Brian and Justin;

Thank you both!  The work completed this week is outstanding; as always! My friend is in the process of gathering quotes for a fairly extensive home renovation. I have provided your office number to her as well.

Thank you both again!

Best Regards;

– Deb

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

I have submitted a nomination of your Company for a Consumer Choice Award. I am also enclosing a testimonial regarding the project undertaken by All-Craft Decks & Sunrooms. Brian Johnston of All-Craft Decks and Sunrooms met with me to discuss my needs and the site limitations. A deck built of a combination of quality materials was suggested. The All-Craft skilled workers created a deck which was more attractive than the original one. Stone steps and landings were installed to allow easy access to my yard. The result of this work created a focal point for the house and increased its value.  I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

– Kenneth Nadon

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

I can’t say enough positives about All-Craft and the team of craftsman they employee. What a great team to work with. From our first phone call setting up the initial appointment, through design, layout, discussion of materials, cost estimation, finalization of the design, scheduling, and construction, Brian and Justin worked hard to provide us with accurate and timely information.

Ours was a complex project that involved removing the existing deck and constructing the new deck that included a sunken hot tub with a pergola above on one level and a roofed enclosure with an adjacent outdoor kitchen on a second level.

The planning process was exciting: Brian, always pleasant and approachable, took our design ideas and added touches of his own, many of which we decided to adopt. He communicated clearly, and we were grateful for his expertise. As we waited for our start date, we were kept apprised of any changes that might occur due to unforeseen issues such as weather delays.

Building began right on time. Materials were delivered the morning the crew started, and this efficiency was evident throughout the building process. They were on site every day and worked diligently and effectively. The guys were friendly, answered all our questions, and finished on time.

The final product is all we had hoped for. The comment we hear most frequently from our guests is how well built everything is. Critically also, the space is warm and inviting. Both the roof enclosure and deck have already provided many hours of relaxed living. We love our outdoor living area and recommend All-Craft with no reservations. We appreciated their expertise, professionalism and commitment to delivering superior service and products.

We will strongly recommend All-Craft to anyone that is interested in a quality home renovation being designed and constructed. Feel free to have your potential clients contact us and they certainly are welcome to stop by and see a great finished product.

– Todd McDonald

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

Hi Brian… I wanted to write you a note thanking for the deck you built for us last year.  Anne and I are really pleased with how it came out.  The whole process from start to finish with you and your team was great.  The time you spent up front with us coming up with new sets of drawings based on what we wanted really helped focus the project and allowed us to have the deck and hot tub area we were looking for.  The whole area is an extension of our living space and we have had so many compliments on the workmanship and design.  I also really appreciated you fixing the little things (those deck lights!) so quickly.  I know Anne was impressed with your guys since she ended up seeing them each day.  They were very pleasant and would make sure to clarify anything with her they had questions about.

I make sure I highly recommend you to anyone I know that asks about building projects and we are looking forward to working with you in the coming weeks on replacing our pool deck.

– Carl

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

We hired All-Craft for our dream project in the summer of 2017 after seeing them at home shows for years and really impressed by the quality of their work. So when the time came for our four season sunroom it was hands down that we found the perfect contractor.  From the planning stage, demolition and build everything was done professionally and timely.  The project came in on budget and was done a few weeks earlier than expected which was great.  Brian, Justin and the team really fulfilled our vision of our dream.  From a dream on paper to our beautiful built on “cottage”!  Our sunroom is now the heart of our home.

Thank you All-Craft!

– Al and Sheila

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

In 2017 we hired All-Craft Renovations to fill in a swimming pool and replace a deck in our backyard. From start to finish we were completely satisfied with all services provided by All-Craft. One of the things I value most about the All-Craft experience is Brian’s willingness to share his knowledge and expertise so that clients are confident and excited about moving forward with their project. Brian wants to know that his customers are making informed decisions and he is interested in walking through this process together.  This was very helpful for us. Communication with all members of the All-Craft team was excellent and all phases of the renovation were carried out on time. All-Craft has high quality craftsmanship and staff takes pride in their work. Everyone was receptive to our specific custom requests and were enthusiastic about producing beautiful details and outstanding overall results. Congratulations, All-Craft on exceptional customer service!

– Tammy

Renovation Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

Our home renovation project began in the fall of 2017. We met with Brian to discuss a major renovation of our 1980’s en-suite bathroom. We were impressed and relieved the moment we met with Brian, after having had multiple quotes that just didn’t feel right. Brian’s knowledge and understanding of building codes and practices was evident.  His passion was also very clear, as he provided us with recommended resources to verify any renovation company that we chose, even if it didn’t turn out to be All-Craft.

The next stage was the quote and the plans. All-Craft provided clear and professional drawings with multiple possible layouts. Brian took the time to discuss our needs and balance them with functionality, style and our budget.

The project started on time as soon as our material arrived. We truly appreciated waiting until the product was on hand as to avoid unnecessary delays. Of course with any home renovation the unexpected can occur. Unfortunately this did happen.  A problem with our home became apparent only once we started demolition.  However, the entire team at All-Craft took on the problem like ours was their home and sheltered us from the burden, all while keeping us informed.  It was a very stressful part of our renovation but the crew at All-Craft ensured that everything was taken care of with minimal disruption and stress on our family.

The entire crew at All-Craft really was like family during this project. We trusted them with our home and they were true to their promises. We have had no reservations at all for recommending All-Craft to friends and family in need of a home renovation project. We will always be grateful for the care and attention to detail that was put into our home.  The end result is amazing and we could not be happier.

– Natalie and Curtis

Renovation Testimonial

Our many thanks to the staff of All-Craft for the beautiful renovation project that they completed in our family room.  Dealing with Brian and Justin was a positive experience from the start to finish.  The project was completed in a professional and timely manner.  We would be remiss if we didn’t commend Bernie, the highly skilled carpenter, for his exceptional design and workmanship on this project.  This final project exceeded our expectations.  Everyone who sees the final project for the first time says “WOW”.   We would highly recommend All-Craft for any renovation project.

– Leonard

Renovation Testimonial

As a working widow, and an active senior, I found myself burned by not one, but two contractors.  Although I checked their references and the BBB, I was still stiffed none the less.  This was very disheartening to me as a woman, an active senior, and a widow to be basically stolen from.  Now I am leery  of anyone who works on my house.  This process is also taking additional legal costs without much in return to cover the stolen funds, and the terrible work that they did.

I had been following the NSHBA Peak Awards in the news for a few years, before I felt trusting enough to venture out to fix the addition on my home.  After interviewing a few companies from the NSHBA, many did not want to take the job, saying they did not know what was behind the gyprock, or that the job was too small, although they appeared capable.

Luckily, Mr. Johnston said, “It looks like you need some help,” and proceeded to have his staff open the walls, get the proper inspections completed and fix the previous botched work.  His staff are quite precise in their work, and I was delighted to see that a female carpenter was on the job.  I felt very happy to see that I could relate to a woman, who also had creative ideas that made the work even more beautiful.  I have recommended All-Craft Renovations to my friends and on social media and will have them back for further renovations.  It restored my faith in humanity that not everyone is dishonest and corrupt.

My final input is that there needs to be more regulation in this industry, so that anyone, who can use a nail gun and saw should be fixing consumers’ houses.

– Ms. K.

Deck & Sunroom Testimonial

I hired All-Craft Renovations to replace my deck and add a three-season gazebo in the fall of 2017. I am extremely pleased with the result, including the materials, design and above all, the workmanship.

We selected composite decking material with aluminum railings and a combination of tempered glass and picket balustrades. The gazebo is enclosed with vinyl/aluminum slider windows with screens and is clad with composite fascia board material to match the deck. The roofing material and pitch was chosen to match that of the main house. The project gave us a much larger outdoor living area with an insect-free living space that been greatly appreciated in the past year.

All-Craft was a pleasure to work with, starting with the consultations and design options offered by Brian Johnston, to the project management by Justin Johnston and the expert carpentry by Marc and Jacob. We were impressed by the meticulous attention to detail in the construction of the complicated hexagonal gazebo structure as well as the fit and finish of the trim work. The job was kept clean and safe by a support team who did a quick job of demolition and disposal of the old deck.

Brian helped us manage the project budget by patiently offering options on materials, layout, and dimensions. The contract, change orders, building permits, material delivery and engagement of sub-contractors (electrician, eavestrough, backhoe) all went smoothly. Justin and Marc discussed their action plan with me each morning and promptly responded to my questions.

I would certainly recommend All-Craft for outdoor renovations and trust that you will consider them for “Renovator of the Year”.

– Robert

Testimonial from Children’s Wish Foundation

I wanted to acknowledge the incredible team at All-Craft for going over and above in helping us bring a child’s most heartfelt wish come true.

My name is Jake I am the Atlantic Wish Coordinator for The Children’s Wish Foundation. I was working on an incredible 7y/o boy’s wish (Callum) of a Clubhouse wish. Upon meeting with the family, we discovered that his wish was going to need some help, so we reached out to the team at All-Craft to see if they would be able to help. Without hesitation they we all in! Within a few weeks, we were meeting with their team and the families to come up with the perfect design for Callum’s clubhouse. The team went above and beyond in creating multiple design versions for Callum to choose from. Once we found the perfect design, the team went to work and began construction of his clubhouse. The build was very layered for the location of the build and keeping in mind Callum’s challenges with too many people he doesn’t t know around causing his stress. The team kept all of his needs in mind as they constructed his clubhouse trying to engage him in as many decisions and details as possible to help Callum remain calm.

I wanted to say that to the incredible team at All-Craft you have done so much more than just build a clubhouse for Callum, you created for him a new world that he can invite his friends into so that he can play with his friends in a safe environment. Thank you does not even seem right to say here.

Thank you

– Jacob Rafuse

Testimonial from Children’s Wish Foundation

To whom it may concern,

As a recent “client” of All Craft, it is our pleasure to nominate them for the Peak Award for Renovator of the Year. This nomination is based on our experience working with All Craft as the corporate volunteer/donor and community partner with the Children’s Wish Foundation.
In January of this year, our family began work with All Craft as a result of our son Callum having been approved for a “wish” with the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Callum lives with Severe Hemophilia A which is a life-threatening genetic condition. Callum requires constant supervision to prevent internal bleeds that can result from normal day-to-day activities. That said, it can be difficult for Callum to engage in physical activities with his peers or to go to other families homes. It was Callum’s “wish” to have a boat/clubhouse to share with his sister and friends. All Craft was the corporate leader who brought Callum’s wish to fruition.

First, I will speak to the client/contractor experience with All Craft. In my experience, there were a number of factors which set them apart from other contractors. They were highly accessible, promptly responding to phone and email queries throughout the project. They exhibited consistent communication between Children’s Wish, our family, and their crew. The crew were exceptional; exceedingly patient with children milling about the work site, and despite working in challenging conditions (in heat, high winds, over an ocean-side bank). All Craft was also flexible with changes that needed to be made in order to stay within the Children’s Wish budget. These attributes made this project a positive experience for our family.

The second set of attributes which set All Craft apart from other contractors and which makes them a strong candidate for this award is both their generosity and the resultant culture of community giving that they are fostering within their company and in the greater business community. All Craft hosted design meetings with our family and Children’s Wish, provided their design expertise, secured permits, and provided their crew over a two-week period to build the 250 sq. ft. boat house at the height of the building season. In addition to this generous corporate gift, the All Craft crew made a gift of their own. We had discreetly tipped members of the crew who promptly gave our money to All Craft management, asking that the funds be used to purchase items for Callum’s boat house. All Craft also showed leadership by making the “ask” of other members of the building community to donate materials and additional skilled labour to the project.

This community giving is not a one-off effort. Prior to working with Children’s Wish, All Craft had initiated and raised funds to purchase an accessible van for a local family. I understand that All Craft will continue to work with Children’s Wish and other Wish Families in the future. These are the initiatives that I am aware of but I suspect they may have been involved in others.

All Craft has a demonstrated track record of community giving. They have created a culture of community responsibility and volunteerism for their staff and within the greater business community setting in motion a trickle-down effect that would be difficult to measure. For example, I recently ran into one of the All Craft staff who had been involved in our project before leaving to join another employer. We were touched to learn that she has since become involved with Children’s Wish and has convinced her current employer to donate materials for a “wish”. Corporate leadership of this calibre should be acknowledged and celebrated. We can’t think of a more worthy candidate for the Peak Award for Renovator of the Year than All Craft.

– Michelle Howell and Colin Guthrie