Bathroom Renovations


Whether undergoing a small bathroom renovation or a complete bathroom renovation, a new bathroom remodel can add elegance, sophistication, functionality to your bathroom. Are you or your significant other inspired by a dream of having a stylish bathroom that will be the envy of all those who visit your home? Let All-Craft Renovation help turn your vision into reality. We are confident in our custom bathroom designs, knowledge of trends and our high standards in our craftsmanship.

The bathroom is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in a house and a main piece of the puzzle when considering home renovations. Many buyers decide whether they want to buy a home or not depending on their satisfaction with the bathroom, kitchen and size of bedrooms. Although it is one of the smaller rooms of a home, it is one of the most frequently visited, making sure your bathroom is functioning properly and designed with detail is very important. If you currently own a home there are benefits that come with putting your bathroom through a little shake-up with some detailed renovations, the affect a remodeled bathroom can have on your Halifax home is gigantic. As an expert bathroom renovation company, All-Craft’s team of bathroom renovation contractors will turn your bathroom design ideas into reality.

Return on Investment with Bathroom Renovations in Halifax

Looking for a little personality or character in your home’s bathroom? It is amazing how simple a remodel to one, or multiple, bathrooms increase in the market value of the entire home. It can add a whole new feel to the house, especially if the en-suite bathroom attached to the master bedroom is renovated. Selling the home, if that is a possibility down the road, will become easier with a renovated bathroom as a focal point. You do not have to go for extremely elaborate remodeling plans, even a simple make over can tremendously improve the entire rooms look. Bathroom renovations with the goal of improving the bathroom’s appearance and functionality can make the biggest impact on the resell value of your home. Many buyers who get connected to the way a main bathroom looks and feels end up buying the home.

Expand Bathroom Size – Small Bathroom Renovations in Halifax

Going through with the bathroom renovation gives you an opportunity to turn that small, closet sized bathroom into the spacious dream you always wanted. Many older homes were outfitted with proportionally small bathrooms, especially in the main suite, well now is the opportunity to go a size up. Limited space to expand? Allow us to show you how simple adding a few inches to the shower or counter tops makes a massive difference. If you are the kind of person who loves being in a spacious bathroom, remodeling the bathroom will definitely be a reward. Adding space to the bathroom during a renovation will again see an increase in your home’s market value.

Add Functionality to your Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom showing its age? It is very likely that plumbing problems are an issue, or could become an issue soon. Rather than having plumbing issues occur, you can choose to renovate your bathroom now and outfit it with new and better quality piping and fittings. A bathroom remodel would also be a great time to look into efficient faucets, toilets and shower-heads. Compared with older materials, new efficiency saving updates will keep money in your pocket instead of going to your water bill as well as giving you piece of mind. With the bathroom being such a heavily used room, it is easy for it to lose its appeal quickly. As much as you scrub and clean the floor and the walls, the nature of what goes on in the bathroom, plus constant humidity, leads to damage, wear and tear. Repainting the bathroom can be a simplistic solution when everything else is already getting renovated. In addition, you have endless options of stylish trends to outfit your bathroom with, such as a backlit mirrors or an oversize custom shower. It is all at your fingertips and the first step is making choice to say yes to a bathroom remodel. As your bathroom renovators, together we may make it so appealing that you’ll never want to leave.

Adding a Guest Bath to your Halifax Bathroom

A powder room for guests adds elegance to entertaining. We are experts at identifying unused space, as well as how to effectively borrow space from adjoining rooms. A complete bathroom addition attached to your guest room creates what Europeans call “en-suite” luxury to offer your overnight guests comfort and sophistication.

Bathroom remodeling in Halifax is remarkably affordable

  • A realtor will often say, “You can’t afford not to.” Adding a bathroom addition, or transforming existing baths can bring a 70% return on investment should you sell your home.
  • Your own comfort is priceless, and the return on investment is daily while you relax, renew and recharge in your new custom bathroom.
  • Since we are with you from the bathroom renovation design to build, we will deliver the best quality and features possible for your budget.
  • Our experience gives us the ability to set costs and stick to them. Our network of quality sub-contractors and suppliers enable us to stay on budget – because our budget estimate is honest and realistic from the very start of the bathroom renovation process.

How can we provide no-hassle bathroom renovations?

  • Practice made us perfect

Putting it simply, All-Craft’s bathroom contractor team has a lot of practice at eliminating any hassles from bathroom remodeling. We offer extensive experience in doing what it takes to create the ultimate experience for you and your home. Our knowledge base enables us to honestly relay to you the phases of the project and what you can expect next. The number one reason our customers rave about their custom bathroom renovation experience with us is all in our communication and that we come to you with honesty and integrity. “Not knowing” is a hassle we vow to eliminated.

  • Planning made us successful

As a bathroom renovator, there is no excuse for delay due to poor planning, or budget busting because costs were not adequately planned at the outset of a bathroom renovation project. Remember All-Craft’s core value, honesty? You will get an honest plan and honest updates while always keeping your family and home in our greatest interest.

If you are looking to add a basement bathroom in Halifax, please check out our basement renovations page.

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