Whether you are undergoing a small basement remodel, or a complete basement refinishing, a basement renovation creates a custom living space for family entertainment. Basement remodels can transform a generally dysfunctional area by creating separate rooms, adding a fully-functional basement kitchen, adding a basement bathroom or bedroom, or upgrading the living space. We use strategic design to create a spacious and comfortable layout in a basement of any size, which creates a bonus living space for you and your family.

A finished basement provides your home with an additional living space, expanding the size and maximizing the investment of your home.  Basement remodeling can help your basement get more use and offer another outlet to express your style. Your new custom basement can be used for an additional living room, kid’s playroom, workshop, pet space, craft room, or exercise area. The options are endless!

Custom Basements Add More Space to Your Halifax Home

Is your basement currently used as the go-to place for storage of nostalgic and infrequently used items? That does not need to be the case any longer. Those items are important to you and through renovating your basement you can create a special storage area just for them! It is amazing how much a functional storage space can store what was once spread out clutter. With the storage issue out of the way, it is now time to get to the fun stuff.

You can add your choice of living space to your basement without breaking the bank. Don’t limit yourself, creating an awesome game room or elegant wet-bar may be easier and less expensive than you think. We are a basement renovation company dedicated to collaborating with you to create optimal solutions to see your vision come to life.

Parents, wouldn’t you love a playroom that’s far enough away to give you some peace and quiet, but close enough to hear when world war three breaks out? Here is a perfect opportunity to create an addition to the basement. Are you a fitness fanatic? Stop paying for a membership at the local gym and start getting your workouts done at home! Developing a room that can host all your exercise equipment is entirely within reach. How about that movie theatre you love going to? How much better would it be when you can just walk downstairs? By renovating your basement, the possibilities truly are limitless.

Upgrading Your Basement in Halifax Can Lead to Energy Savings

A great deal of people might assume that when they turn on the heat or air conditioning, the entire house will heat up or cool down – including the basement. In reality, your basement has a climate of its own that’s regulated by the temperature of the ground surrounding it. The old basements commonly found in Halifax may be the perfect avenue for air to escape and the reason why all those heating bills are sky high. On the flip side of things, spending time in a room where a coat or blanket is constantly required is no fun. During a basement renovation, it is a simple project to get the basement re-insulated with proper foam and drywall. This will not only make the temperature of your lower floor more comfortable, but will also play a part in keeping your upper floors at a more consistent temperature.

A Basement Renovation in Halifax Increases Your House Resale Value

If your family is not planning on living in your current house forever, selling your home in Halifax with a completely remodeled and refinished basement will increase the total value of your home and will play a role in a quicker sale. Potential buyers love to walk into a home and see that what they already want in a basement is right there in front of them. A great place to start is remodeling basement stairs – the pathway to your perfect basement!

If you are looking to add a bathroom to your basement in Halifax, check out our bathroom renovations. If you are looking to add a custom kitchen to your basement, please check out our kitchen renovations.

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