Home Renovation – Halifax

This project took us back into the history of Halifax; built before the Halifax explosion this home needed a complete interior renovation of all floors. The project included the conversion of an unfinished attic into a Master Bedroom complete with custom walk-in closet, four entrance doors into the crawl spaces for storage; essentially taking a little space and making it feel abundant. Add to that a half bath and the conversion of a non-living space to a beautiful and functional place to spend many an evening is complete. This homeowner has a love for her house plants. When designing the master bedroom in the attic, two skylights and big beautiful double window was installed, allowing the light to shine bright and the fresh air to flow.

Working our way down, we stopped on the second floor, it started with having two bedrooms and a small bathroom renovation. It ended up having still having two bedrooms, but with one that includes a set of double pocket doors allowing the homeowner to create two separate living areas, perhaps one for an office and one for a comfortable family room to relax in. Add to that a large walk in closet for well-needed closet space in this home and now the living area on the second floor can be used for a multitude of reasons.

One of the main features on the second floor is the bathroom. Taking a very small space and utilizing every inch was the desired outcome of this design. The result; a bathroom designed with a custom shower that includes a custom bench and a glass door sized for a small swing space. Added was space for stacked front loading washer and dryer, which adding convenience and resulted in the laundry room coming up from the unfinished basement and closer to the living area of the house. As you walked down the stairs, this stair case went from a cold feeling of “back in the day” to a bright “nowadays” look and feel.

The main living area was provided with an open concept feel by removing a partition wall and replacing it with a load carry beam. New kitchen cabinets with a dining room and a sunroom that brings an ample supply of beautiful sunshine into the house and the renovation is complete. Want to see more? view our interior renovations page.

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