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Outdoor Living | The New Trend

Canadian summers may be short, but they are glorious. For a couple of brief, magical months,
it’s your patriotic duty to spend as much time outdoors as is humanly possible.

Outdoor living is part of today’s lifestyle trends, and many homeowners are turning their outdoor
areas into attractive and relaxing extensions of their homes. This transformation can be as
simple as a sitting area for the family, or include a combination of decks, patios, walkways,
gazebos, gardens, pools, ponds and fountains.

Where kitchens and bathrooms are consistently described as the top spaces to renovate, home
exteriors are now surpassing these interiors when it comes to home improvement projects.
Whether it’s enjoying the view each morning over a cup of coffee or entertaining all year round,
we want to help you get out there and enjoy your outdoor haven. Your backyard can be that
oasis space, the right in your very own backyard vacation spot that gives a sanctuary to create
memories that last a lifetime.

Now, are you thinking all the above sounds great but…. “What really are the benefits to me
renovating the exterior of my home?” Read ‘Hangout to Sanctuary’ article below for a brief
overview of some benefits to exterior home renovations.

The planning stages of your exterior renovation are a critical step and accessories are a key
fundamental to add character and create a custom design. Read below ‘The Finer Details’, to
get inspired to plan from the small details to the larger ones.

For more information contact us to chat with an expert on how to bring your outdoor living
space dreams to reality or like us on Facebook for regular updates.

Happy reading and outdoor enjoying!

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