Outdoor Living Rooms Minus 4 Walls | Halifax, NS

Your home is so much more than 4 walls and a roof…it is one of your largest investments and one that
encompasses everything that home and family means to you.

But is that home that means so much to you just not functioning or fitting your current lifestyle?
Well, this is when we talk about renovating versus relocating and we have to bring an awareness around
the housing market today where the fastest growing segment of Canada’s housing market is renovation
spending. Fuelled by rising home prices, tight resale market conditions, attractive financing costs and
government tax credits and well…who are we kidding I don’t think anyone likes the task of moving,
especially away from the place that holds so many memories close to your heart. So doesn’t renovating
look more and more like an attractive option every day.

Reasons to remodel are as varied as the homeowners themselves. Some homeowners have growing
families, while others are “empty nesters” changing their home to reflect their new lifestyle. Whatever
your remodeling needs—more space for entertaining, an expanding at-home business, updating or
modernizing—there are advantages to remodeling right now to make your home which holds all of its
precious memories fit your needs, wants and desires.

Upgrading your home is one of the most profitable decisions you can make. Not only do home upgrades
provide a sense of accomplishment, it will also influence the aesthetic appeal of your home which will
pay off when it comes to your return on investment.

All-Craft’s speciality is the exterior of the home and we love the summer when the backyard is all about
celebrating the season with family and friends. So why not maximize your personal oasis with an
outdoor remodeling project and give new life to a ‘tired’ exterior all the while reducing maintenance,
improving energy efficiency, security and the general comfort of your outdoor living space.
The benefits to exterior renovations are limitless and all it takes to get started is a vision.

A few benefits:

  • Return on Investment – ROI – this is a biggie and HGTV’s Carson Arthur notes that ‘simple outdoor living spaces like a deck or patio increase a home’s value by 12%’. Read more on ROI
  • Increases usable living space
  • Addition of an outdoor living space has rapidly become a popular way to enhance both the functionality, quality and aesthetic appearance of a home and surrounding yard
  • Impacts your comfort and convenience by creating a retreat for you to enjoy each time you ste foot onto your outdoor living space
  • Increased outdoor enjoyment
  • Switching to low maintenance exterior products, such as composite material, can save hours of maintenance time.
  • It will dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home
  • Creates that outdoor oasis in your very own backyard … no need for passports or going south of
  • the border
  • Opening up a floor plan and extending the living space to the outdoors can eliminate interior traffic jams and create a noticeable difference in how your home feels—and how you feel about your home
  • Creates an space that brings an emotional draw which will win over the electronics or social medial and allow you to connect with friends and family in space of enjoyment
  • Provides that impactful space which can be the disconnect from the everyday madness right outside your door for quality time that creates the best kind of memories
  • Positive outlook and energy – exterior renovation changes the atmosphere of the home and provides a positive outlook of the living space
  • Gives you the home of your dreams
  • Show the true potential for your property

Outdoor projects are a timeless renovation and the journey to renovating your home should be a
positive and beneficial one, rather than a complicated mess. And of course you want to get the greatest
benefits from your efforts so, hiring a professional renovator who specializes in the exterior home is the
best way to accomplish that. With a professional you receive sound technical advice, design assistance
as well as make the most of your budget to successfully beautify your exterior parts.

Happy Outdoor living !

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