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Custom Outdoor Spaces

Adding those custom outdoor ‘extras’ allow your deck to be attractive and functional, bringing it to life.  Incorporating spaces that allow for family time and social gatherings gives you the total definition of an outdoor oasis. When designing your dream deck, always allow the space for your ‘extras’…

With a deck design, you want to allow for correct sizing of spaces, making allowances for remote structures (gazebos, pergolascustom fireplaces) you want to build, and like the interior space of your home, you want to allow for outdoor room space, your relaxing spots, your activity zone and cooking/dinning spots. Take into consideration that you need room for the paths between these areas. When incorporating your extras into your deck design, make sure you think outside the box, you do not have to be defined by a symmetrical design. Deck ‘extras’ are exciting and creative nowadays, they can blow your imagination. Outdoor kitchens have come a long way since your everyday barbecue. Outdoor cooking zones can now include a full kitchen, with cabinets, granite countertops, sinks with running water, you can even find built-in fridges and freezers, and outdoor surround sound to keep you dancing while grilling. Outdoor kitchens are usually protected by some style of overhead roof, you will often find a solid overhead roof, or a trellis-type overhead. This protects your kitchen from hot sunlight, as well as rain and wind. If you are building a beautiful outdoor kitchen, you should allow a dinning area to continue the flow of your design. The dinning area may vary in size depending on the size of functions you usually host.  On average, a dinning area should be at least 12 feet square. When designing your deck, you can always use a two level design to include your extras, if your layout of your home allows for it. Do not try to squeeze all your dreams into one deck if it makes it look cluttered. If you do not have the room to accommodate, or can not have the size deck you want to host your ideas, it is time to do your “want” and “want more” list. A few smaller ‘extras’ you can incorporate into your deck design to match your budget or the size of your deck are planter-benches, fireplaces or implementing custom storage designs. Another option when designing your deck, is using unique lighting and custom doors/skirting to “pop” the brilliance of your outdoor living space. Free standing structures are the new fashion when it comes to outdoor living spaces. You can say that a gazebo or pergola is the “earrings and necklaces” of a deck. If your budget or space doesn’t allow for a full outdoor kitchen, you can improvise and build a free standing structure to give your barbecue depth and style. An old fashion gazebo can be ‘supped’ up to be your party zone, adding lighting, music, and screening to provide you all night fun. On the other hand, your gazebo can be used for a romantic dinner, allowing the stars to provide the light to complete the ambiance. The new look of your outdoor spaces are endless. You have to take your time and visualize your dimensions and paths of your spaces. Hiring a designer to bring your vision to life is beneficial because of the overwhelming choices that are at your fingertips.  The words ‘boring and flat’ no longer have to be associated with your outdoor design!

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