halifax sunroom additions and custom sunroom design


A sunroom addition is an investment in your lifestyle according to most sunroom homeowners

Sunrooms are listed among the Top 10 Remodeling Projects in Remodeling Magazine’s annual report that compares construction costs with resale values for 25 common remodeling projects.

When you consider its value at resale,  adding a sunroom to a house or deck costs only 20 to 25 cents on the dollar, the other 75 to 80 cents spent on a sunroom addition goes directly back into the home through increased value — not to mention increased owner enjoyment!

And with people spending more time at home – to save gas – your sunroom can be a vacation in your own backyard.

A Sunroom Addition Investment is Different from Other Investments

It is something you and your family ENJOY to entertain, relax in, and just get away from it all…So think outside the “return on investment” box and you will understand why our All-Craft Sunroom owners say “The only regret I have is…we wish we had done it sooner.”

Cost of a Sunroom Addition

When comparing actual sunroom cost estimates, remember that averaging tends to have a levelling effect on “Job Cost” data. And, seemingly small differences in size, scope, or quality of finishes can dramatically affect the final sunroom addition cost. Remember too, that even in neighbourhoods in the same city, local conditions can affect both the cost and value of a remodeling project making a builders numbers appear too high or too low.

In an actual real estate transaction, the “cost recouped” for a given remodeling project depends on a variety of factors. These include the condition of the rest of the house, the value of similar homes nearby, and the rate at which property values are changing in the surrounding area. A home’s urban, suburban, or rural setting also affects its value, as does the availability and cost of new and existing homes in the immediate vicinity.

 Sunroom Design Ideas

 How Do I Design a Sunroom Addition?

When completing an All-Craft design process of a custom sunroom you want to consider the best choice to meet your needs. How you plan to use the sunroom should determine your choice of materials and size (an outdoor kitchen sunroom addition will have very different needs than a lounging sunroom design). Choose a sunroom style that is versatile and matches the architecture of your home.

Quality is a critical aspect to consider when building sunroom. Seek a contractor who can demonstrate that they will use quality materials to construct your project. After all, a sunroom is an extension of your biggest investment – your home! Be sure it will provide many years of trouble free use.

Common Uses for a Sunroom

Sunroom additions are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without interference from the weather.

Other sunroom uses:

  • Add extra space to your home
  • Bring the outdoors inside
  • Keep bugs out (screened sunroom)
  • A place to relax; enjoy the garden
  • Dining area
  • Breakfast room
  • TV / Music Room
  • Family Room
  • Game/Spa room
  • Place for pets or plants
  • Playroom for children, grandchildren
  • Hobby, Crafting or Exercise room
  • Place to read, relax, retreat and nap
  • Place to work
  • Entertainment area for special occasions, birthday parties or holidays

 Size and Location of a Sunroom

First think about how you will use your new sunroom. Then, decide on the best location. Finally, decide on a size that will best fit your needs. Developing a budget may help you answer these questions.

Deciding the optimum location for your custom sunroom addition depends on how your sunroom will be used, and on your regional area. Sunlight exposure varies throughout the day and directional orientations will yield different effects. However, most homeowners add their sunrooms to the back of their homes.

Many people use sunrooms for leisure, relaxation, and casual dining. Many sunrooms are built off the kitchen or family room because these are the most often used rooms in the house. Consider the traffic flow of your home when deciding where to position a sunroom.

 Choosing a Sunroom Builder

Focus on quality and trust when you meet with a contractor instead of budget and timeline. It is important to trust the contractor who will be working on your home – your largest investment. Be cautious of lowball bids. When considering quality, “you get what you pay for” applies here.

Make sure that the sunroom builder is licensed and insured with a reputable firm. Ask if they are a member of the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association. Choose an established company in Halifax who will be around to provide you with assistance should a future problem arise.

Make sure the company answers all of your questions to give you enough information to make an educated buying decision. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints on file – and whether those complaints were resolved.

The company should provide you with accurate to-the-penny pricing, without any hidden costs. Be careful about estimates or bids – they are often unreliable and you may find yourself paying more for the sunroom project than you were led to believe.

The company should have a process to immediately notify you of changes or delays in the schedule. The company should take care of obtaining the building permit and arrange for the final inspection. Make sure that the company does in fact pull a permit; this is their responsibility. Without a valid permit and certificate of occupancy, you might not be able to sell your home with the sunroom in place.

The company should provide you with a complete and thorough walk through inspection of the finished product. Make sure the company or contractor warrants their materials for several years and wants you to be totally satisfied with your sunroom.

How to Make Sunroom Additions Affordable

Your sunroom should be custom-built for your home. Choose a company who can design and build the sunroom to complement your home and suit your needs. Look for a sunroom builder builder in Halifax who can provide you with financing options to work within your budget.

Sunrooms can increase the resale value of your home. Homeowners who sell their homes say their sunroom helped their home sell quickly.

Avoiding Sunroom Installation and Service Nightmares

A good sunroom builder will educate you about the building process they will follow in building your sunroom. This begins with a careful measure and site inspection by the company’s technical staff, to check for concerns that might have an impact on the installation.

Your halifax sunroom builder should prepare the construction documents and permit applications and submit them to the local building department, and arrange for the necessary inspections during the installation process.

The sunroom installation crew should be well mannered, hardworking, and considerate of your home and property. A lead foreman should visit the job site every day.

Manufacturer and Service Warranties

Make sure the sunroom builder offers a Service Warranty. A warranty should cover the material used in the construction for several years. Workmanship guarantees should cover at least the first year. A manufacturer’s material warranty may be separate from the builder’s service warranty.

A Warranty You Can Count On. A warranty is only as good as the company who stands behind it. You need to be able to count on the sunroom builder to be in business if you ever need warranty service on your sunroom.

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