Custom Deck designs and exterior renovations in Halifax

Custom Exterior Designs, Renovations, & Additions in Halifax

Using our creative designs we can turn your yard into a ‘creative extension’ of your home providing an outdoor living environment for you and your family.

Until outdoor living environments became common, most yards consisted of a concrete slab or a rectangular deck, a BBQ grill, and a table with chairs. Now the goal, with a backyard custom renovation, is to integrate features that enhance the outdoor living experience, while at the same time creating defined spaces for those features. This is the same concept that is used to design the inside of a house, making multiple spaces out of a single space for specific purposes.

Similar to building a custom deck, you’ll need to establish a budget, determine if there are zoning restrictions, and check with your local Canadian Home Builders Association.

Next it’s time to consider how to design your custom outdoor living space. What are your individual tastes, how will you use the outdoor space and what accessories are you interested in? Accessories include hot tubs, fire pits, built-in BBQ grills, built-in tables, deck and patio covers, pergolas, drainage systems, trellis’, hardscapes, water features, heaters, walls, storage, lighting, and more. These features will play a large role in determining the size and layout of individual outdoor living areas.

Other considerations include how individual outdoor living areas integrate with one another, what will the traffic patterns be, scenery of your yard and the surrounding landscape, access to your outdoor living areas from the house and from the yard, how to make the outdoor living area compliment your home, and more.

Outdoor living environments comprised of various components are complex projects and require the experience of a professional design and build company. At All-Craft we have the knowledge and trade relations that include landscape designers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, truss builders, stone installers, landscapers, roofers, gutter installers, masons, painters, stucco, and wrought iron fabricators, amongst other trades. It also requires experienced field staff to successfully manage these projects.

Deck and patio covers provide shade from sunlight during the summer months and create a dry space to enjoy the outdoors during a wet day. They also offer protection from inclement weather year around. This is invaluable to those of us who enjoy outdoor hobbies like grilling, even in the winter and spring months.

When designing a deck and patio cover, the primary objective is to create one that looks like it was built with your home. This is why a custom built cover is more desirable.

Unlike decks and pergolas, covers are rather simplistic in design and construction since options are minimal. Choices include size, what type of roof design do you want (gable, shed, or hip and ridge), how will the underside of the patio cover be finished (open, siding, tongue and groove), do you want skylights, and do you want any electrical work done (lights, ceiling fans, or outlets). Posts, fascia, soffits, shingles, and gutters are typically built to match those features on your home.

On rare occasions existing conditions make patio covers challenging to design and install and thus cost prohibitive, but if your home has the potential for a cover, it’s a cost-effective option that will increase the amount of time you can spend outdoors – making it a worthwhile consideration.

As the term implies, a built-in grill basically means “non-moveable”. The structure is permanent, although the grills can be removed if they need to be serviced.

Built-in grills not only offer enhanced cooking features and quality, but they also make the grill a focal point.

There are five basic components to a built-in grilling station; a propane or natural gas connection, the brand and size of the grill, the structure (custom or prefabricated), the visible face of the structure (stone, stucco, brick, siding), and the countertop (usually granite).

Most manufacturers also offer an array of features, not only for the grill, but accessories that accompany the grill.

Built-in grilling stations can be quite large, since most include ample countertop space for seating. If the grilling station will be built on top of a deck, the weight needs to be accounted for when designing and building the structure.