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Decks are more than just floors and stairs, building a deck means working from the ground up, starting with your footings.

To make sure you have a safe deck, a sound foundation is crucial, this includes supports like your ‘footings’. Footings support the load of the deck so there is no sinking. Concrete pillars with footings resist frost upheave and in Nova Scotia, lets face it, they need to resist wind uplift as well. With proper footings, you can consider your deck to be anchored down, for all seasons!

Footings use to be back-breaking work and could take days to complete, until the day arrived, when it was finally spotted, Bigfoot!

Best Foot Forward

The BigFoot, which proudly was developed in Nova Scotia, was designed in a tapered cone shape with sizing at the top to fit any size footing tube, commonly known as the SonoTube. With this new design there is no need for forms to be built, this minimizes workload and time when building a deck.

In Nova Scotia it is required that the footing extends past the frost line, ensuring a firm foundation for your deck. The footing tube is placed into the hole allowing the concrete to be poured smoothly and forming a concrete column and footing at the same time.

The Big Foot comes in four sizes and fits from 6 inch to 18 inch tubes. The Bigfoot system can be used to support:

Now, most DIY decks use ready-made blocks or also know as, deck blocks as footings. These type of blocks rely on soil conditions and if the soil condition’s are bad, can cause sinking or with frost cause the deck to rise. They also have no hold down capacity against wind uplift, which is a weather element known for weakening decks in Nova Scotia. These type of footings can only be used on a deck that is less than 600mm off of the ground and is not attached to a dwelling or building. You should always contact your local building official for clarification of your deck design if it is not designed and built by a professional.

Lets keep your deck safe, All-Craft believes in Big Foot!

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