Habitat for Humanity

All-Craft Adopts-A-Day

Habitat for Humanity strives to build stronger families and communities by providing an opportunity for low income families to own a home.

All-Craft was excited this year to Adopt-A-Day with Habitat for Humanity. On October 21st, All-Craft came together with the family and the crew of Habitat for Humanity and spent the day building a dream come true.  Siding and interior work was on the to-do list for All-Craft and by the end of the day we were overwhelmed to see what we had accomplished.

This was a great team building event, everyday we spend working but on this day our crew got to see their talents make a difference and bring a smile to a families face as they got excited to see the progress of their soon to be home.

Together We Were a Community Not Just Competitors

 2017 CHBA-NS Annual Softball Tournament


Supporting the community is always important but it is just as in important to support the industry and industry professionals.

This year we were excited to help plan and play in the first Annual CHBA-NS Softball Tournament. The #AllCraftFamily team stepped up to the plate and made it to the finals where we lost to the NSHBA-Misfits.

It was a great day with local renovators and builders who came together as a community not as competitors and help fund-raise for the HomeBuildersCare Program.


Why All-Craft Relays With the Community


Everyone on the All-Craft-4-Life had their own reasons for participating in the Relay for Life-Bedford, but one thing we all agreed on is that it is unacceptable that 210 Canadian die of cancer every single day.

The All-Craft team was made up of survivors, fighters and friends and family supporting loved ones. We spent the day relaying with the community, celebrating life and remembering the lives we have lost.

This event was amazing, even with the downpour everyone was smiling and celebrating. Together with other members of the community we walked to help save lives, raising money to fund cancer research.

The All-Craft team would like to thank everyone for their support in helping us reach our fundraising goal.  We are pleased to announce that we raised over 5K and look forward to surpassing that total in 2018!

Thank You from The All-Craft-4-Life Team 2017

Bathroom Remodel

With the Help From The Community, The Danna Van Campaign Was A Success!

Together with the support of the community and Presidents Choice, Danna has Received Her Wheelchair Accessible Van!


All-Craft is pleased to announce that on August 5th we held an official cheque presentation for extended family member Danna, granddaughter of an All-Craft employee. A donation of 16k was donated from All-Craft to Danna and family to help with the Danna Van Campaign.
All-Craft set a financial goal and over the past two years has been working toward achieving that goal by donating a portion of its revenue from each project, hoping to take a vision and make it reality. With the help of the community and Presidents Choice we are excited to announce that Danna received her van on December 24th 2017.Danna Van Campaign
The All-Craft family extends its support to charities as a means to give back to the community and was honoured to be part of the vision to purchase a wheelchair accessible van for Danna who has Bilateral Schizencephaly, one of the most severe forms of the rare brain malformation caused by an in-utero stroke. Danna is a ray of sunshine, full of laughter and has a smile that lights up any room.

The All-Craft family had a great day celebrating this amazing accomplishment, it was full of laughs and long lasting memories.

Meet extended members of the All-Craft Family. Danna is the granddaughter of our team member Murray and is a 16 year old brilliant ray of sunshine who suffers from a condition known as Bilateral Open Lip Schizencephaly, the second rarest known brain malformation caused by an in-utero stroke. This condition has a probability of 1.48 for every 100,000. From the moment we met Danna we instantly recognized how intelligent, strong and inspiring this little teenager was and the love and support the entire family gives to each other so evident it was almost physically palpable.


Danna was predicted with failure to thrive at 6 months old and medical professionals gave her 1 year to live … And here it is 16 years later and she is defying the odds, continuing to grow and enjoy life. How Danna is continuing to grow and gain weight is a miracle in itself, however the strain on the family physically is a challenge they need to overcome.

IMG_0105Every year the All-Craft family extends their supports in means of giving back to the community. Brian, Project Consultant, has years of experience as head organizer for the Halifax Terry Fox Run and Justin, Project Manager, raises awareness and donations every year for the Heart and Stroke foundation BMO Hockey Heroes weekend.

As Danna’s family is currently lifting her from her wheelchair to the car seat and lifting the wheelchair into the back of the car to transport her we immediately recognized the strain on the family and wanted to help, therefore a wheelchair accessible van is what we set our hearts on achieving for Danna and her family. The support of a wheelchair accessible van will ensure the ability to transport Danna safely in her wheelchair and protect the family from physically lifting her which all together means Danna can stay at home in her circle of love and support versus having to be relocated to a continued care facility that has access to lifting equipment.

‘Project Danna van’ is about increasing awareness around brain malformations and supporting All-Craft’s extended family in purchasing a wheelchair accessible van.