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2019 Consumer Choice Award Winner

Winner of the 2019 Consumer Choice Award,

Home Renovation Halifax

All-Craft Announces With Great Confidence

Winner of the 2019 Consumer Choice Award 

“Home Renovation”

To you our valued clients, community and industry leaders, we want to pass on our appreciation for your support and business. 

Your positive comments and the recognition that you provided All-Craft with, resulted in our company being recognized with a very prestigious award.

Each year across Canada, Consumer Choice Award gathers opinions, perceptions and expectations through the responses of thousands of consumers and businesses. All winners go through a rigorous selection process conducted by a third party research firm to ensure only the most outstanding service providers are the winners within their respective industry. 

Winning the “2019 Consumer Choice Award” for Home Renovation in Halifax, means a lot to the All-Craft Family. We work as a team, always supporting each other and we are dedicated to our community, industry and clients, past and future.

All-Craft would like to take this time to thank everyone not only for your business but for your positive comments, outstanding references and kind words of support.

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The CHBA-NS 2017 Renovator of the Year | NH&R

The night was like no other for the All-Craft Family at the CHBA-NS Peak Awards.

The team was out of their work-boots and into their suits and heels ready to celebrate whether they won an award or not at the 2016 CHBA-NS Peak Awards.

At the Peak Awards you can find the most outstanding professional renovators and builders in Nova Scotia coming together to celebrate the hard work and dedication performed all year long. CHBA Builders and Renovators are recognized for their outstanding renovations and custom homes with CHBA-NS Peak Awards, presented by Peter Kohler.

Winning multiple awards that evening, the night was filled with surprises for the All-Craft Family. The celebrations began but something even more exciting was about to happen for the team.

All-Craft is known for their dedication to the community and the industry as well their dedication to their clients, on the night of the gala this was recognized in a substantial way. To the surprise of the team, All-Craft was awarded one of the most prestigious awards a professional renovator can receive, The CHBA-NS Renovator of the Year Award.

You could find the All-Craft family hugging and even shedding tears, jumping with excitement. That night was special, the team was together for one of the most memorable moments that can happen for a professional renovating company and their team.


Who is All-Craft?

NH&R captured The All-Craft Family in their 2017 Fall Edition. The story captures the heart of All-Craft and the family behind the success, it tells the story of why All-Craft is Renovator of the Year. Click to read the full story.




Planning a Basement Renovation in Halifax | All-Craft

Basement renovations have become one of the top renovations in Canada.

Games room, spare bedroom, ‘Her’ bathroom, these are just a few rooms that make renovating your basement well worth the investment.  Finishing your basement adds dollar value to your home, increasing your usable space without the expense of changing the footprint of your home.


Most unfinished basements can be damp and cold causing mold to grow.  A finished basement helps protect you from problems like toxic mold, leaking and moisture issues. A moisture free basement means a mold free life.

Health and safety are always top priority, but finishing your basement can also be fun and exciting. Adding more living space to your home means you have room to grow or more storage to shop!


A basement design can include many rooms or one big open space for entertaining.  Your design needs to accommodate your lifestyle. A basement renovation needs a well thought out design, thinking about things like how to utilize every inch of space, functionality and creativity of space.

Man-Cave to a playroom under the stairs, you will find people are renovating their basements for many reasons.








When renovating your basement here are some questions you should think about before trying to do a DIY renovation:

  1. Will your insurance cover your work should something happen?
  2. Do you know code?
  3. Can you find the cracks, is their leaks or places where moisture is getting in?
  4. Do you have the required time and skill to do the project?
  5. Does your project include plumbing or electrical?

A professional renovator takes on the responsibility for the project, from design to build to safety and insurance. You have to consider the cost of material, equipment and labor when deciding whether to use a contractor or doing it yourself.  Sometimes homeowners get in over their heads when starting a renovation project on their own, which in the end can sometimes leave them with a hefty repair bill, costing them more than the original project quote.

Click and find out why people in the Greater Halifax Area are choosing All-Craft to be their basement professional renovator!