Building Process

Starting a renovation or deck construction is an exciting time! Whether it’s a custom outdoor kitchen, or three tier deck, our goal is to make the construction process as undisruptive as possible. With proper permits and planning in place, a construction schedule will be put into effect. You will be provided the detailed schedule that we will be following. Our project manager will work closely with you to address questions and concerns as they arise. It is not uncommon for some changes to be made along the way, and we will work with you to come up with the best solutions. Our project manager will also manage the crews that are needed to make the job go smoothly. Our crews are comprised of specialty-skilled trades people that have been carefully selected to work on your project because of their expertise, and quality of workmanship.

Construction Plan Drawings

Once the contract has been signed and the project start date has been set, the next step is to create a set of construction plan drawings. Our plan specialist puts together a comprehensive set of building plans. Upon completion, a set of plans are provided to the homeowner, construction manager, and lead carpenter.


After the plans have been created and reviewed by the client and building team, we take the plans, permit application, plot plan, and any other required materials to the Building Department and obtain a building permit. Visit Nova Scotia’s permit directory for more information.

Pre-Construction Meeting

At the pre-construction meeting, all parties involved in the build will be present: the lead carpenter, the electrician if required, the project manager, and the client. We use this meeting to go over the building process from start to finish. We discuss the building schedule, parking locations, special pet considerations, etc. We review the final building plans and set goal dates for the various aspects of the project.


All inspections are scheduled by the project manager. For a typical project we will get:

  1. Footing inspection
  2. Framing inspection
  3. Electrical rough-in inspection
  4. Roofing close-in inspection
  5. Final inspection

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work on your project. They will order all the materials, coordinate all trash removal, oversee construction, create the building schedule, and oversee quality control.

Final Walkthrough

Before the final walkthrough, the project manager will ask for a project punch list. After the punch list items have been completed, the project has been thoroughly cleared of building debris, and the client is very happy with the finished project, we will set up a final project walkthrough. During this walkthrough we will ask for the home owner to complete a survey and provide feedback on our building process. At this point the warranty coverage begins and our one-year follow-up walk through is scheduled.

We want your project to be something both you and our company are proud of when it is complete. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Our reputation is built on satisfied customers!