Freestanding Tub

Freestanding Tubs Are The Trend | Halifax Bathroom Remodel

Fixture or Furniture, what are freestanding tubs? A freestanding tub has become center stage in bathroom renovations, one of the top bathroom trends in Canada. You can hear words like elegant, curvy and spa-like when describing a freestanding tub. The bathroom has become a place we value, the place where we take the time to relax and recharge. The freestanding tub has replaced the Jacuzzi tub and sunken tub and has become the star piece of furniture in the bathroom.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are more like a new piece of artwork in your bathroom and not just a bathroom fixture. They come in a variety of aesthetic styles, from modern to vintage, not just your basic square-tub look. Tubs also come in a wide range of materials and finishes, such as acrylic, fiberglass and cast iron. Feature accents like old-fashioned claw feet or modern shapes are used to add the finishing look to the tub. When choosing your tub, pick a material that you are capable of maintaining and cleaning.

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs give you flexibility in placement because of their all-sided finish. They can be cornered or even placed in the center of the room, making them the focal point of the bathroom. They are not limited by the need to fit between walls, allowing you to be more creative with the look and shape of your bathroom design.

Some cons that need to be noted when thinking of buying a freestanding tub are:

  • Weight-Freestanding tubs can be very heavy often requiring a reinforced floor. One option is to buy fiberglass, but these tubs can be very expensive.
  • Storage-Because freestanding tubs have no ledge, there is no place to put your shampoo or soap. As well, there is not always the room to build custom shelving around a freestanding tub to hide your towels or store toiletries. An option to overcome storage stress, is to accessorize your space with a bathtub tray or little stylish rolling cart, there is a variety of stylish options. The key is to be relaxed in and out of the tub.
  • Showerless-It is possible to mount a shower to a freestanding tub, but it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing and requires a wrap around curtain. You can get tubs with a hand-held unit, allowing you to rinse off. Usually if you have space, you can add a stand-up shower to your design.  If you are looking for a unique look, you can have a customized shower designed to compliment your freestanding tub.

If you have the space for a freestanding tub and you love the look of it, you will find a way to overlook the few disadvantages to this new bathroom trend, it is time to spoil yourself with elegance!

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Freestanding Tub



Shower, Customizing Trends – Halifax

What Is A Custom Shower?

Custom means customizing, so building to your individual specifications, or in design terms, designing to your wants and desires.

Custom showers are the trend of 2016 in home renovations.  Homeowners are craving that spa-like atmosphere when coming home from a long day at work, or even just a place to relax away from every day life.

When day dreaming about a custom shower, you need to think about what you want from your shower. Men and women can differ on this vision.  On average, the man of the house is looking for a place to get in, get out, but lets face it, as soon as he gets a taste of a custom bench with a rainhead shower drenching his body while he sits and relaxes, he will soon be envisioning the same custom shower that the woman of the castle is dreaming about, except she is thinking about the comfort of shaving her legs with a custom bench.

So this vision that leaves you in a tranquil state of mind, it could include trending features like sleek faucets, silk tile, benches, custom niches, speaker systems and could even include a 5 therapy therapeutic care unit.  The features are limitless when considering a new bathroom renovation.

Design is key, starting with showerheads. Self-control is difficult to have when trying to design your showerhead component of your custom shower, and here is where that heartbreaking word comes out, budget. The combinations are endless, from multi-function showerheads to bodysprays and steam showers.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to cost and budget.  A custom shower can be just as luxurious and relaxing with two shower heads than one with a steam shower.

For most of  us day to day bathroom users, we don’t really know what is considered a trendy custom shower. If you are trying to get that tranquil feeling at the end of the day on an everyday budget, you can dream of  a custom bench with a rainhead installed overhead, an adjustable handheld, custom niche, beautiful stylish tile with an accent border and a glass door with bold finishes, usually chrome or brushed nickel, matching your faucet selection. These main components will give you that ‘spa-like’ feeling.

Because of the amazing bathroom material selection available, it is always good to hire a professional renovation company for design/build and material selection assistance to reinsure you are stress-free with your custom bathroom renovation.

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Do the Research Before you Renovate

Do The Renovation Research!

Renovations start with prioritizing, and prioritizing means doing your research, starting with how to find the right professional renovator.


More than 3 out of 4 Canadian homeowners renovated their homes in 2014 or plan to renovate in 2015. Homeowners top priority is to enhance the design and function of their homes, and in doing so, the confusion and stress becomes overwhelming. The renovation process can present many questions and decisions that a homeowner can’t answer. Time for RESEARCH!


Unfortunately, with homeowners watching reality renovation shows, they are left thinking a quality renovation can be complete in days and they think the renovation costs they see on television should be roughly what to expect for their renovation, but, T.V. shows do not include labour costs,  leaving false misrepresentation of professional renovations and costs.


So, are you wondering how to not be one of those “reno gone wrong”? The key is to research, use technology to find out information and use some old fashion reading to find out who is the right fit for your project.


4 key questions you have to ask yourself when you are starting your renovation process, whether it be a small room like your bathroom or an entire basement renovation:

  • What – Your house is your castle, when you walk through your front door you take a deep breath and feel a sense of relaxation. When you look around, your always thinking about what to change, so first step is to make a definite decision on what you want to renovate.
  • Who – Biggest question of your renovation. We all have heard horror stories, and seen them. One way of finding a renovator is through your local home building association and through BBB. The internet is another source to view renovators portfolios, through social media and their professional website. Always, and that means, always, hire a professional with the following, WCB, Insurance, Warranty’s, and that provide written contracts.
  • When – When hiring a professional, it is the norm that a good renovator is booked months in advance.  If you have a renovator that can start your project ASAP, think twice.  Renovations are a process, starting from design to material selection.  So never rush. Pick a time frame that is feasible to your schedule for working with your professional on color and material selection.
  • Why – Dated, Damage, Want, Needs….these are all reasons to renovate. Now, it is you that has to decide the reason to renovate.  Whether it is for energy efficiency, a home addition because the family is growing or just for a trendy new living space, you need to decide before starting your journey. Usually budget plays a role, it helps determine a “need” from a “want”.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Nothing is more rewarding than watching your vision become reality, watching your space transform into a new, improved living space. It is just icing on the cake when you can do it with peace of mind that you have the top professional renovator working for you.


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Danna Van Campaign | All-Craft

Danna Van Campaign

Rare is Beautiful!

The All-Craft Princess

Meet Danna, Danna is the granddaughter of our own team member Murray. Danna is a 16 year old brilliant ray of sunshine who suffers from a condition known as Bilateral Open Lip Schizencephaly, the second rarest known brain malformation caused by an in-utero stroke. This condition has a probability of 1.48 for every 100,000. From the moment we met Danna we instantly recognized how intelligent, strong and inspiring this little teenager was and the love and support the entire family gives to each other so evident it was almost physically palpable.

Danna was predicted with failure to thrive at 6 months old and medical professionals gave her 1 year to live … And here it is 16 years later and she is defying the odds, continuing to grow and enjoy life. How Danna is continuing to grow and gain weight is a miracle in itself, however the strain on the family physically is a challenge they need to overcome.

Every year the All-Craft family extends their supports in means of giving back to the community. Brian, Project Consultant, has years of experience as head organizer for the Halifax Terry Fox Run and Justin, Project Manager, raises awareness and donations every year for the Heart and Stroke foundation BMO Hockey Heroes weekend.

As Danna’s family is currently lifting her from her wheelchair to the car seat and lifting the wheelchair into the back of the car to transport her we immediately recognized the strain on the family and wanted to help, therefore a wheelchair accessible van is what we set our hearts on achieving for Danna and her family. The support of a wheelchair accessible van will ensure the ability to transport Danna safely in her wheelchair and protect the family from physically lifting her which all together means Danna can stay at home in her circle of love and support versus having to be relocated to a continued care facility that has access to lifting equipment.

‘Project Danna van’ is about increasing awareness around brain malformations and supporting All-Craft’s extended family in purchasing a wheelchair accessible van.  For every project built, All-Craft is donating a percentage of revenue to the Danna Van Campaign till the dream comes true.


Custom Bathrooms Halifax

Toilet to Throne | Custom Bathrooms in Halifax

Toilet, commode or commonly known as “The Throne”, never forget to take care of your tushy when you are picking out bathroom materials for your bathroom renovations.

Never assume a toilet isn’t important when picking out custom bathroom materials for your bathroom renovation, toilets are more than just a ceramic bowl, they add style and functionality to your bathroom and should never be ignored during a bathroom remodel.

With all the new toilet tech, you might want to think about whether you want the ‘Rolls Royce’ of toilets or the standard ‘Sedan’.  The new upgrades available in what we consider an eye sore in a bathroom can transform your toilet into a luxury throne. There are endless bathroom renovation trends to choose from!

The best toilets are the ones that take that one flush to do the job, conserving thousands of water a year while still delivering a clean bowl. You have to look at options including different heights, bowl shapes and flushing technologies when making your selection.


So the question is “how do I choose a commode?”

Start with the basic needs:

Toilet Shape and Height: Standard toilet height is around 14 1/2”. This height is preferable for children, so a standard size would be a choice if the bathroom is going to be used by the children of the house.  In recent years toilet bowl height has increased to 16 1/8” floor to rim to assist people with back and leg problems and those with physical disabilities and/or the elderly. This height is also ideal for taller people. Sitting high has become the popular choice and is also a great choice when your renovation is based on a universal design.

Toilets come in round and elongated sizes. Round is ideal for ‘squeezy’ spaces and elongated provides more sitting room and provides comfort.

The style you select is a matter of personal taste, and you can choose from a variety of styles, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

If you are looking to make your toilet the talk of the tushy, some accessories you can add are a seat heater, toilet illuminating strips, hydraulic hinge (avoiding any 2 a.m.toilet slams) and, though the common lever is chrome plated, you can change it up to match all of your faucets and finishes of your bathroom.

Design: The three basic designs you will hear are 1. One-Piece (Tank and bowl are fused together), 2. Two-Piece (Tank and Bowl come as two separated pieces and 3. Wall Mounted(Mounts to the wall and eliminates need for a toilet foot or base).

One-Piece: May save space, easy to clean and is sleek.

Two-Piece: Most common type, easy to find replacement parts, generally more economical.

Wall-Mounted: Ideal for accessibility, wheelchairs or walkers, does tend to be on the more expensive side. With this style toilet, the drain must be on the wall rather then the floor.

All toilets can come in different colors and shapes, its a personal preference what you desire as your throne. WHITE never goes out of style, so it is a safe color to go with.

When you are shopping for your toilet of choice, always ask about water efficiency and flush performance.  A toilet with a higher flush performance will ensure that all waste is cleared within one single flush, and minimizes the chances of clogging. “What is the MaP Score”?-this is what your question should be to the Sales Associate. Basically, these scores indicate your flushing performance, it is safe to say any toilet between 600-1000g will provide you great flushing.

toilt toilet toilet

Dual Flush Toilet vs. Single Flush, oh decisions!

Dual flush and single flush can be misleading, the terminology actually refers to the mechanisms on the toilet itself. When talking dual-flush, you will notice two buttons on the top of your toilet, usually with symbols of a moon, representing liquid waste and solid waste. Dual-Flush toilets are known for their ability to save water consumption. But before making that upfront investment in the dual-flush system, you need to do some research, learn ‘fact’ from ‘marketing’.

“FLUSH” is the flow of water that removes the waste and leaves your bowl clean and sparkling and pushes the waste through your pipes…you don’t want it sitting there waiting for the next flush!

Before making the PLUNGE in the dual flush system, you need to take in a few considerations, starting with hygiene. Dual-Flush toilets tend to hold less water in the bowl, in which case can cause streaking and can leave waste on the sides of the bowl to harden. Multiple flushing to clean the streaks defeats the purpose of a dual-flush system and actually ends up using more water than a single flush toilet. Though streaks are not aesthetically pleasing, most importantly, they also provide a place where germs can hibernate.

User Friendly, this is another important consideration to think about. Dual-Flush toilets tend to have buttons that can be difficult to push, for most users this isn’t an issue, but for users with physical limitations and users that suffer from painful health conditions, this is a barrier in flushing.

Most single flush toilets today are low-flush, but can still use more water than a dual-flush. When deciding on which flushing system to use in your bathroom reno, weigh in some factors, like family size, age groups in the home (children tend to play with the buttons on the toilets more then just a simple flush on a single-flush toilet) and initial cost of the appliance, including installation cost.


Do The Deed and Do The Research!

If you are looking for a bathroom renovator in Halifax, then please contact the professionals today!



Winter Protection for Your Deck | Halifax Deck

Protecting your deck from winter elements is key for longevity of your deck!

Mother Nature can be very cruel during the winter months, dropping record amounts of snow and leaving us to dig our way around our homes.

Protecting your deck with deck maintenance is extremely important in any season, but especially in the winter because of the fluffy white stuff and the adverse effects it can have on your decks structure.  Keeping your deck clear of snow is just one of many steps that can save your in the long run.

The fact is, when the snow starts falling we head to the snow blower or shovels to get the driveway done and the walkway cleared. But, by the time your done shoveling them the idea of shoveling your deck is about as far away from your mind as summer is. Prolonged exposure to carrying the weight of snow and ice may harm your deck’s structural integrity, causing your deck to be unsafe or causing it to collapse. Keeping your deck clean, is just as important as keeping your pathways clean and deiced.

There are many reasons to keep your deck clear of snow, one being that it can be used as an emergency route, allowing access to your home during an emergency, keeping it clear might mean the difference between life and death. Keeping snow away from your patio door and house walls can also help decrease the chances of any water damage to your home.

On average, you will find most decks are built with pressure treated wood, but please note that winter maintenance is different for composite decks, including Trex and Azek. There are different methods of maintenance for different decking materials, always check with your local outdoor living specialist for advice before using any product on your deck.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to clearing the snow off your deck/patio, so if you are thinking snow blower, you might want to leave the “big guy” to your driveway and walkway and pull out the “little guns” for your deck. From electric snow shovels to electric snow throwers, there are options beside the old fashion shovel that you can use, cutting down on heavy lifting and time.


Electric Snow Shovel

Electric snow shovels are lightweight and a very effective tool for cleaning your deck with ease. Winter can leave a heavy load of snow that needs to be cleared off your deck before it weakens the structure. Because the electric snow shovel is lightweight and maneuverable it is a great choice. It is not a struggle to use it on your deck stairs or a ramp. They usually run you between $115 to $145, a small price to pay to save you time and body pain.


Electric Snow Thrower

Electric Snow Throwers are a great option for clearing snow from your deck/patio. It provides a little more clearing power than an electric snow shovel. They are equipped with soft rubber or plastic paddles instead of metal augers allowing you to clear the snow without damaging the surface of your deck. Snow throwers are easy to store and do not require gas, you just plug them in and go for it. The investment in this tool usually is between $189 to $289

Don’t rule out the “old fashion” method, the winter shovel. Rule of thumb on any decking material your going to use a shovel on is to use a shovel with a rubber or plastic edge and not metal. Using a metal shovel can leave splinters and gauges in your wood as well as composite material.


During the winter season, we sometimes forget about our outdoor living spaces and how beautiful they are come spring. Winter maintenance doesn’t just begin when the snow starts, maintenance should begin before the snow falls by sweeping off dead leaves and washing down your deck. Leaves that are left on your deck can cause mold and fungus growth which can affect the boards itself.

Make sure you have the correct maintenance regiment for your deck and if you are not sure how to maintain your deck,


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Hardscaping Creations|Outdoor living|Halifax

Hardscaping of the Land

Hardscaping creations go hand ‘n hand to complete your outdoor oasis. The vast selection of stones, designs and patterns, make it easy to give your outdoor project a unique and distinctive look.

After making your deck dreams come true, it is time to look around and add the finishing touches. Time to create a beautiful yard to make your outdoor space complete. The sky is the limit with decorative pavers, greenery and beautiful floors of flowers to surround your outdoor patio. When choosing to hardscape your outdoor space you have to remember that your pattern should be pleasing to the eye, harmonizing the look and the architectural design of your home. Hardscaping is a decorative element, different patterns and stone that trend backyards are:

Linear-regular alignment of stone


Modular-discontinuous alignment of the stone
Random-Asymmetrical alignment of the stone
After you pick a pattern, you need to chose the look of your stone.
Classic-Traditional appeal, regular shapes defined by straight lines.
Antique-Old time feel, little history to the look with a texture surface.
Natural-A combination of natural textures, irregular contours vary a little to a lot.
Contemporary-Sharp edges, even contour and the finish is similar to a natural stone.
Hardscaping is the new trend to express your vision of your outdoor living room. The property line is your limit, the designs are limitedness. Some landscaping fundamentals you have to keep in mind when envisioning your masterpiece are:
Create an inviting area
Differentiate the functions of various areas
Seek consistency between colors and textures
Make sure that any changes in levels are safe and comfortable
Always create a transition between areas
Always use the right material that are designed for specific uses
All-Craft loves to design and incorporate Hardscaping to give your outdoor living room a unique look.  We specialize in walks, walls, stairs and custom outdoor kitchens. Call us to add a little “ROCK” to your “Roll”!
Nova Scotia Deck renovations

Extra, Extra, Outdoor spaces! | Decks | Halifax

Custom Outdoor Spaces

Adding those custom outdoor ‘extras’ allow your deck to be attractive and functional, bringing it to life.  Incorporating spaces that allow for family time and social gatherings gives you the total definition of an outdoor oasis. When designing your dream deck, always allow the space for your ‘extras’…

With a deck design, you want to allow for correct sizing of spaces, making allowances for remote structures (gazebos, pergolascustom fireplaces) you want to build, and like the interior space of your home, you want to allow for outdoor room space, your relaxing spots, your activity zone and cooking/dinning spots. Take into consideration that you need room for the paths between these areas. When incorporating your extras into your deck design, make sure you think outside the box, you do not have to be defined by a symmetrical design. Deck ‘extras’ are exciting and creative nowadays, they can blow your imagination. Outdoor kitchens have come a long way since your everyday barbecue. Outdoor cooking zones can now include a full kitchen, with cabinets, granite countertops, sinks with running water, you can even find built-in fridges and freezers, and outdoor surround sound to keep you dancing while grilling. Outdoor kitchens are usually protected by some style of overhead roof, you will often find a solid overhead roof, or a trellis-type overhead. This protects your kitchen from hot sunlight, as well as rain and wind. If you are building a beautiful outdoor kitchen, you should allow a dinning area to continue the flow of your design. The dinning area may vary in size depending on the size of functions you usually host.  On average, a dinning area should be at least 12 feet square. When designing your deck, you can always use a two level design to include your extras, if your layout of your home allows for it. Do not try to squeeze all your dreams into one deck if it makes it look cluttered. If you do not have the room to accommodate, or can not have the size deck you want to host your ideas, it is time to do your “want” and “want more” list. A few smaller ‘extras’ you can incorporate into your deck design to match your budget or the size of your deck are planter-benches, fireplaces or implementing custom storage designs. Another option when designing your deck, is using unique lighting and custom doors/skirting to “pop” the brilliance of your outdoor living space. Free standing structures are the new fashion when it comes to outdoor living spaces. You can say that a gazebo or pergola is the “earrings and necklaces” of a deck. If your budget or space doesn’t allow for a full outdoor kitchen, you can improvise and build a free standing structure to give your barbecue depth and style. An old fashion gazebo can be ‘supped’ up to be your party zone, adding lighting, music, and screening to provide you all night fun. On the other hand, your gazebo can be used for a romantic dinner, allowing the stars to provide the light to complete the ambiance. The new look of your outdoor spaces are endless. You have to take your time and visualize your dimensions and paths of your spaces. Hiring a designer to bring your vision to life is beneficial because of the overwhelming choices that are at your fingertips.  The words ‘boring and flat’ no longer have to be associated with your outdoor design!

All-Craft has a passion, our passion is your vision!



Pergola Paradise | Decks | Halifax


Pergolas are like bows on a present, they are the finishing touch to your outdoor oasis!

The origin of the word pergola is Latin, referring to “projecting eave”. Once used for ambience in a garden, it is now used to enhance the visual of a building or outdoor living space. Pergolas combine pleasure with function, providing shade and a unique look. Modern Pergolas can be built from materials such as wood, fiberglass or aluminum. A more costly pergola would be built using materials like brick or stone pillars. Wooden pergolas are built with wood that is weather-resistant, such as western red cedar or eastern white. Pergolas add creativity to your home, they can be your canvas to your backyard art.

Pergolas have been inspiring creation and enriching aesthetic beauty for over 3000 years. They have served many purposes throughout the years, from the gardens of the elite rich, to helping harvest vegetation for the common worker. Pergolas have made a journey into the creative design and no longer are only for the rich elite. With a jump through the ages, the Italians actually brought new life to the beauty of pergolas, adding brick, and large dramatic pillars. Pergolas have built beauty in Greece, Egypt, France, Asia and now they have touched the landscaping of lands all over the world. Some people think pergolas are just a beauty feature, maybe an investment that is not needed, but before you rule out adding a pergola to your outdoor living space you should know that there are different accessories that can be added to make your pergola a benefit to your outdoor life.

Solar panels can harvest the energy of the sun and at the same time blocking sun and providing shade. Harvesting the energy can allow you to use the energy for your outdoor items like lighting, heating your pool, running your water features and providing energy to your outdoor cooking area. Climate Controls can help you enjoy your pergola-paradise just a little bit more.  So the question is, what are climate controls for a pergola? Well, you can add an outdoor ceiling fan, these can be installed to a solid roof pergola. You can stay fresh and cool with a mister or keep warm on those chilly nights with a heater.
Pergola lighting can keep the party bright after the sun sets, leaving the hours of outdoor fun everlasting! Lighting choices can be overwhelming, and like a Christmas Tree, there are so many factors when placing them in the right place.

 Outdoor Pergola Lighting Tips

Create the right ambiance

 Direct lighting-highlight key features of the pergola

Indirect lighting-to create the right mood

Avoid Glare

fire on deck lightingimagespergola lighting2Perogla lightingpergola


All-Craft would love to be your artist, coloring your backyard canvas with color and character!
Deck Collapses

Deck Collapses | Permits Are No-Nonsense in Halifax

Decks Collapsing In Halifax Make Permits a MUST!

Who needs a permit you ask, we do if we are building a project for you. All-Craft does not take chances with your deck or your safety. With every job we build, we take pride in the design, the look and the safety. So #1 rule when hiring a Pro, always confirm about permits (click for a copy of the HRM guideline brochure for building a deck) and insurance, if they blow you off, tell you not to worry about them, that they are a waste of time, then you should run, and fast. Decks seem to be one of the top 10 do-it-yourself projects. However, when it comes to building a deck there are many things that only a professional deck contractor will know.  A professional is specialized in the work, and has worked on many styles of the structures and with many different materials. When dealing with a professional in HRM, they will also know the in’s and out’s of why you need a permit and who you deal with for your permits.

The reason HRM has a permit office, and requests plans is to make sure safety is first for the homeowner and that your project is 100% to guidelines. Major areas that fail inspections when building a deck project are: stairs, railings and the way your deck is fastened to your home, or the structure. beam and joint size and guard rail openings. Other considerations that play a roll in designing your deck to meet regulations are boundary line, easement of right-of-way, and where your deck can be built and what not to cover with your deck. This is why, when your professional registers your project, an inspector is assigned and inspects the building process. If your deck is found not to have been built with a permit, and inspections, HRM will fine you and take you to court.  As well, they will make you dismantle your project, losing your materials and your initial investment.

Halifax has now felt the wrath of decks that have not been built correctly or maintained. Halifax says 1 in 10 decks fails inspection. At least two builders have been hit with financial penalties under this new no-nonsense system.



Are you concerned that your deck might not meet regulation or that it is in danger of possibly collapsing?

Give us a call to come for a complimentary assessment to see if you are safe on your outdoor living space, summer is for fun not falling!