Bathroom Faucets | Style & Function

  Faucets are the jewels that make your bathroom renovation sparkle. Consider style and function when making your faucet selections. Before choosing a bathroom faucet, think of it as the bling in your bathroom.  Pick a style the suits the look you want to achieve with your bathroom remodel.  Faucets add definition to any vanity or […]

Accessibility Renovations That Are Affordable | Halifax

Accessibility Renovations That Are Affordable   Accessibility renovations  prepare you for life changing events and longevity in your home. No one can escape the effects of aging, but accessibility modifications are not just to prepare you for aging, they are to prepare your home for life changing factors. Who should renovate with accessibility in mind? […]


Questions to Ask Your Halifax Renovation Contractor | All-Craft

Questions to Ask Your Halifax Renovation Contractor Hiring a contractor can be overwhelming, but with the right questions you can find the right renovator for your job. When starting to think about your renovation project, hiring a qualified contractor should be on the top of the list for priorities. The key question people are always […]


Kitchen Renovation Trends In Halifax

Kitchen Renovation Trends in Halifax Why renovate your kitchen, the reasons are endless and so are the trends. If you are planning on doing some remodeling this year, make sure your kitchen is on the top of the list. Kitchens have become the focal point of the house. The basement use to be the go to […]


The CHBA-NS 2017 Renovator of the Year | NH&R

The night was like no other for the All-Craft Family at the CHBA-NS Peak Awards. The team was out of their work-boots and into their suits and heels ready to celebrate whether they won an award or not at the 2016 CHBA-NS Peak Awards. At the Peak Awards you can find the most outstanding professional […]


Planning a Basement Renovation in Halifax | All-Craft

Basement renovations have become one of the top renovations in Canada. Games room, spare bedroom, ‘Her’ bathroom, these are just a few rooms that make renovating your basement well worth the investment.  Finishing your basement adds dollar value to your home, increasing your usable space without the expense of changing the footprint of your home. […]