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5 Mistakes When Cleaning Your Deck

1.Using The Wrong Cleaner: Always make sure when you are cleaning your deck to use the proper cleaner, choosing the cleaner that suits the material of your deck. Take the time to call your local expert in outdoor living spaces to help decide which cleaner best suits your deck material.

2.Use of a Power Washer: Some people go all guns blazing with their pressure washer when it is time for cleaning the deck. THIS IS A HUGE NO NO! If your deck material is pressure treated wood, using a power washer can remove natural oils that protect your wood that can not be replaced with any type of stain, they leave splinters because of the intense power behind the nozzle and they can cause your wood to expand, loosening nails.

3.Weather doesn’t matter: Weather always matters when it comes to your deck, work and play. Always double check the weather as temperature and humidity can have major effects on how your stain dries. The ideal temperature is between 15-25 celsius and it is important that you pick a day where there is no rain in the forecast.

4.Gaps don’t matter. Like the dentist tells you to “floss”,we tell you to clean your gaps. Dirt and leaves in between your deck boards can cause premature rotting of wood, like cavities if you don’t floss. Make sure to clean your gaps thoroughly.

5.“I don’t need to clean the deck in the fall” WRONG, prepping your deck for the winter is very important to help maintain the life of your deck. Making sure all of the debris and leaves are clear off the deck prevents mould from taking control of your decks surface.

If you are concerned about how to clean your deck, feel free to ask one of the All-Craft specialists for advice at or leave them a message on Facebook.

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